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Welcome to the Sjökvarteret Christmas Market!

Create a wonderful Christmas atmosphere with friends and family. Stroll around the grounds and enjoy a warm cup of mulled wine and bargain for unique and handmade Christmas gifts made by talented artisans and take the opportunity to enjoy delicious food from one of the food carts on site.

The pirate daughter Arabella visits on Saturday 10 December at 1 pm to 3 pm
Arabella will make Christmas decorations from sustainable materials together with the children. It’s free for members of the Sjöbusarna children’s club and other participants pay a €5 fee for materials.
Would your child like to join the children’s club? Annual cost €20 and that includes all four events during the year. Welcome! ⚓️ ⛵️

On Saturday at 10am to 2pm we will be visited by the Ukraine bus before leaving for Ukraine. Come in and see what they’re bringing, they’re also presenting a HUGE sponsorship!

On Sunday at 1 pm to 3 pm, the Impro Åland dance group will perform; Joy and dance with social distance in all times. Stäini Stenbock performs enchanting string playing and Ålandic plate turner music.

The following vendors are participating;

Bergmans Fisk – fish, Annika’s Hembageri – bread, FredChill – chili sauces etc., Anderssons Fisk – fish, Ledholmare – herring burgers, Bolstaholms gård – hamburgers and meat products from the farm, Snäckö Frukt – in addition to delicious apple products, also food cart, Bärlunds Bärprodukter – Sea buckthorn juice and other processed products, Mee Thai – Food cart with Thai food made from local ingredients, Anci Dackemo – Textile handicrafts in wool, natural ointments, Gunborgs Våfflor – Exquisite waffles, Gun-Lis Kihlman – Knitting, fine jewellery and wood crafts, Salt, Guldviva jewellery, Emelia – come and see how the construction of the ship is progressing, UF – Sweet & Salt, Carita Johansson – Crafts from Kökar, Våffelrakan – food cart, NN-Minerals – Minerals, crystals and burnt almonds, Alve Grönlund – Smoked lamb, lamb sausage, Christmas trees etc, Åland Honey – Honey, delicacy boxes, beeswax etc.

The Open Water Brewery opens its gates for a Christmas market just before Christmas!

Don’t worry about the rain and wind – the market takes place in the warehouse where you will find a wide selection of local products from all over the Åland Islands.

The Open Water Brewery will be open, selling all their beers in stock and of course the famous Rosebo pickled cucumber

Vendors on site:

Sjögrens – Sea buckthorn, onions and potatoes
Massons – Sheep products
Eva – Sausage with bread
Bulleboden – Baked goods (only 10/12)
Chilibolaget – Chili products (only 10/12)
Under Ytan – Seaweed products
Wätteros – Cheese/meat
Pepita – fermented products

Christmas at Jomala Gård

The 4H-farm and Veteran tractors organization, organise a day in the spirit of Christmas. Come and see the animals and tractors and enjoy the Christmas spirit. Participate in Christmas craft-making or take photos of your children in the Christmas-themed photo corner. Go for a ride in a tractor-drawn hay cart or take part in a trivia game on the nature trail.

Horseback riding for children at 11 am – 1 pm and Santa makes a visit. Listen to Åland’s dragspelsklubb (accordian-players) at 12 – 1 pm.

We serve mulled wine, gingerbread biscuits and waffles, and we also sell sheaves of oats for birds. There are other vendors selling their products, as well.

Vendors on site:

Anna-Mi Dahlgren – bags made of coffee packets etc., Blommor & Bin – Beeswax products and Christmas sweets sweetened with honey, Christina Jansson – Jams, juices, marmalades, pickles etc., Dan-Anders Jansson – Sheep fur, Idun Kastilan – Baked goods, sweets and handicrafts, Isabell Larsén – Knitted socks, wreaths, baked goods etc., Linnéa Strand and Nora Andersson – Waffles, Niclas Nordlund Photography – Calendars, trays, puzzles etc., Nelly Fogner (school class) – Baked goods, fairy lights, wreaths etc., Solbacka Smycken – hand made jewellery, Tant Gröns Städ – Eco-friendly things for your home and you, spices and teas, Tony Degerman – Wood and carpentry products, Ålands Veterantraktorklubb – bird seed

germundö gård

Germundö Gård farm has a small atmospheric Christmas market where visitors who have chickens, sheep, horses, rabbits, etc. can purchase feed, among other things. They also sell birdfeed, which is perfect for this time of the year. At the market you will also find handicrafts and you can enjoy a cup of warm mulled wine with some delicious home baked goods.

The Överängs Kvarn mill sells flour, hulled grains and snacks. The grains are grown on the Germundö Gård farm. You will find the ingredients for your Åland Christmas loaf or delicious breads and pastries, baked with the flour from the Överängs Kvarn mill, at Johannas Hembakta.

Christmas market at Mickels in Ödkarby

At the Mickels farm in Ödkarby you will find a cosy little market selling mulled wine and gingersnaps, coffee and cake, bread, handicrafts, carpets and sheepskins.

While you are there, you can also meet an elf, see the fire brigade’s new fire truck, eat barbecue sausage and ride a pony.

Christmas crafts with the artisans at smakbyn

At Mia Englund’s ceramic studio and at Ålands Karamelleriet you can make this years most beautiful Christmas crafts as a gift for loved ones or why not as a Christmas present for yourself.

In the ceramics workshop you can make your own dishes or Christmas tree decorations in ceramics. At Åland’s Karamelleriet, you have the opportunity to make your own Christmas lollipops (remember to make an extra one for Santa!), or why not create your own sweet Christmas tree ornaments and enjoy the taste after Christmas is over. 

Remember to make a reservation and treat yourself to Smakbyn’s traditional Christmas table, which is served from 3 pm.

Christmas crafts:

Karamelleriet (candy): 1 pm and 3 pm.

Ceramics: 2 pm dishes and 4 pm tree ornaments.

NOTE: First come first served.  Children must be accompanied by an adult who can help if needed.

The small local Christmas market in kumlinge

At the small local Christmas market on Kumlinge you will find sales of local handicrafts and food, bread and pastries. Flavours and goodies that go with Christmas! We serve Christmas porridge and ham sandwiches and coffee with snacks.

In the area you will also find Sjölund’s farm museum.

You can also look at the first 10 slots on the Christmas calendar at the village. The slot often consists of a Christmas decorated and illuminated window. All these windows are in the village, near the Christmas market.

What they have in common is that all the windows are marked with their date and that they light up in the December darkness. A map of the Christmas calendar is available on the municipality’s website, www.kumlinge.ax

How to get to Kumlinge?
From Hummelvik, Vårdö with the ferry Alfågeln at 11.30 am arrival at noon 12.50 and back at 3.20 pm arrival Hummelvik at 4.40 pm.

Johannas hembakta

Johannas Hembakta is a small, authentic stone oven bakery and café in Grelsby. Here, sourdough bread is baked from local, organic flour from Överängs Kvarn, as well as buns and cakes made with genuine ingredients and a lot of passion.

For Christmas, holiday-inspired bread and buns have been baked and the café serves Santa Claus porridge with ham sandwiches made from the traditional wheat bread (hemvete).

In the Amalia’s Limonadfabrik rural shop,  you can purchase all the products made in the factory. 

Their products include the Swedish julmust drink, mulled wine and soft drinks.  fine and tasty chocolate products from Mercedes Chocolaterie and home-baked buns and bread from Johanna’s Hembakta. Put the products on the Christmas table or give away as a gift!

If you want you can stay for a warm cup of mulled wine, a coffee and fika in their cozy café.

The Mattas Christmas event is organised by the Mattas Gårdsmejeri dairy farm and the Artisanal Food in Åland association.  The organic milk from the farm’s cows is used to make cheese, yoghurt and ice cream at the dairy. Many of the Artisanal Food in Åland association members offer their goods for sale at the event.  Enjoy Christmas porridge on the loft.

Meet Santa and take part in the “pine cone competition” where you have the chance to win gifts from the producers. Santa will be on site from 12 noon to 2pm. During the day, the Little Christmas Choir will entertain with beautiful Christmas carols.

Vendors on site:

Nina’s Trädgård – Sea buckthorn products, e.g. mulled wine, juice, nectar, syrup, marmalade, crisp, mulled wine, MarBi Backen – Honey products. Chilibolaget – Chili products, Björlings bär – Sea buckthorn products, BAKA! – Bread, buns, cakes, pralines/chocolates, marzipan figurines, etc., Åland Bees – Honey products, vinegar, ointment, Airis Gårdsbageri – Åland Black bread and Christmas pastries, Åland Honey – Honey products, Mattas – Porridge with ham sandwich, coffee with Christmas cookies. Gingerbread and mulled wine in the dairy shop, Kristina Karlsson – knitted products and baked goods

Also: Johanna Strand bakes bread in the wood-fired oven, safron buns and traditional wheat bread (hemvete). 

Christmas Crafts at Waldorf

Welcome to Waldorf for crafts and Christmas fun!

We serve sugar-free pastries with juice for the children and coffee/tea for the parents. We offer simple christmas crafts for all children who visit.

Come and get familiar with our activities on Sunday 11.12 at 11-15


Åland by Henna travel agency, horseback riding

Departures at 10 am from Toböle Norrgården.

The tour takes about three hours and includes refreshments and mulled wine.  Participants must have experience of riding on terrain and their own indemnity insurance.

Price: €125/person

Reservations: sales@alandexpeditions.ax

Sundays: 27.11, 4.12 & 11.12

Christmas concert at St Birgit's Church

Stella Vocal Ensemble led by Anders Laine

Christmas carols at St George's Church

Mariehamn parish children’s choir accompanied by Anders Laine on the piano. Come and sing the most beautiful Christmas carols and hear the children’s choir.

Julmarknad i Sjökvarteret

10-11.12 kl 10-16

Jul på Mattas

10-11.12 kl 11-15

Julmarknad på Open Water Brewery

10-11.12 kl 10-17

Jul på Jomala Gård

10.12 kl 10-14

Germundö gård

10.12 kl 11-16

Julmarknad på Mickels i ödkarby

10.12 kl 11-16

Amalias Limonadfabrik

kl 10-17 öppet lördag – söndag alla helger

Ridning med Åland by Henna

kl 10-13 söndagar alla helger

Julkonsert i S:ta Birgitta kyrka

10.12 kl.15

De vackraste julsångerna i S:t Görans kyrka

10.12 kl.18